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Kelley Tobin, President of Tobin Trial Consulting, is a research and communications professional who has worked as a jury/trial consultant in the legal field since 1990.



Kelley assists civil trial lawyers with witness preparation, the development of case themes and the execution of comprehensive jury research and jury selection processes.


As a jury consultant she has specialized in jury communication issues on hundreds of cases involving products liability, securities, fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, anti-trust, contract and insurance disputes, legal malpractice, oil & gas litigation, toxic torts, premises liability, employment discrimination, probate and family law, nursing home negligence, personal injury, maritime, employment, wrongful death and medical malpractice.


Prior to starting her own firm, she served for seven years as full-time Trial Research Director for Moriarty & Associates, P.C.


She is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants


Witness preparation

Issue-oriented focus groups

Mock trials

Case theming and visuals

Supplemental jury questionnaires

Voir dire strategy

Jury selection

Post-trial juror interviews

Communication skills training




References available upon request.

“Kelley Tobin has been an invaluable part of our trial team since 1992. We rely on her insight, thorough research and experience. Her jury consultant work includes voir dire strategy, focus groups, mock trials, witness preparation, jury selection, supplemental jury questionnaires, and post-trial juror interviews and it is outstanding. I would not go to trial without her.”

— Attorney

“You earned your fee today! Both of our witnesses did a superb job. In fact one of them essentially conducted a clinic on how to be a credible and convincing witness. Both gave a large part of the credit to your work with them.”

Assistant General Counsel



“My law business involves some of the most sophisticated clients and big dollar cases in the country. I must therefore work with the very best litigation support resources available. Kelley Tobin has consistently provided the very best pre-trial research and jury selection services I could hope for. I have worked personally with Kelley in a number of major cases, and others have worked with her on additional matters. The experiences have been consistently superb, and the clients to my knowledge have without exception been highly impressed.”

— Attorney



“As happened last year, you once again played a big part in our success in this medical malpractice case. I intend to use you to help me pick juries every chance I get.”

— Attorney



“I feel very appreciative of your care, input, shepherding and everything you did for me.”

— Witness



“No doubt your help and support of the trial team made a tremendous difference and brought about this victory. I don't think the case would have gone nearly as well without you.”

— Legal Assistant



“You are an incredible secret weapon.”

— Attorney



“Your counsel really prepared me for court. I was ready to go there with a winning attitude.”

— Witness



“Things turned out well and we could not have done it without you.”

— Legal Assistant



“I cannot begin to thank you enough for the support you have given me during my most trying time. It was an experience that I don't wish on anyone but I do feel that with your help and guidance I was able to maintain my dignity and get my life back after the trial. Thank you so much for all your support.”

— Defendant



“I want to express my sincere gratitude and earnest respect for the incredibly professional and competent support that I received from every member of my legal team. I fully understand that my ultimate success in addressing this matter was solely due to the skill and dedication of the group. I thank you, and I will never forget.”

— Witness

“It was a pleasure working with you this week. I think you are a great addition to the trial team.”

— Attorney



“Kelley does a fantastic job identifying potential jurors' value systems and then adapting for our case strategy. It is truly amazing.”

— Attorney


Kelley Tobin

Tobin Trial Consulting

4402 McDermed

Houston, TX  77035

Office: 713.728.1462

Mobile: 713.725.3728

Fax: 713.728.0056

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